Manage author profile

Manage author profile

RuffRuff Author Profiles allows you to manage the following data

Please note, however, that authors cannot be deleted.
We are planning to support this feature in the future, so please wait until it is available.

Items that can be registered as author profile

Author name

This is the name of the author.

Profile image

This is the author's profile image.
Set the image URL here.
Shopify files are the preferred location for storing images.


This is the author's profile descriotion.
Please use this item for a variety of information about your career, awards, and writings.

Author type

You can choose from "Person" or "Organization.

Job title

This is the author's job title.
Please note that job title cannot be set for organizations.

Link to

URL can be set.
Please use a page URL that conveys the author, such as a portfolio, if available.

Link title

You can set a title that supplements and explains the link URL above.
Enter text that describes the destination of the link, such as "Portfolio.